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Mardi 20 Février 2007.

WPF, ils en parlent...

Sur Mobile et Podcast newsletter :

"The World Podcast Forum has just launched.  WPF serves as an information and communication portal for the diverse and global podcast community.  A network of podcast experts from around the globe, WPF seeks to overcome the language and borders that separate us, and bring us toge the r by providing real value.  By joining WPF Forums, users can contribute news that people will read around the world, and post analysis and opinions on the WPF Blog. Podcasters can have the ir podcast appear on the homepage Featured Podcast section.  Experts can establish the mselves as recognized international experts in the area of the ir specialization.  Vendors get direct access to the ir market. Print media and websites get access to international content and readership. Finally, WPF will provide innovators with a global stage on which to showcase neat things. So show the world what you got at"


Un portail mondial dédié au podcasting

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